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It has been an honor for the Photography club to host the September’s People’s Hour on September 24, 2015. And they chose “Express Yourself: I am SPROBE” as the theme for the month with an agendum to uphold the SPROBEan identity taking pride in being one.

To kick off the activities geared towards identifying what sets SPROBEans apart from the rest, the club organized “#sprobeootd” which gives a venue for SPROBEans to share how they express themselves through clothing at work. Through Facebook and Instagram, SPROBEans can submit their outfit of the day (OOTD) with the hashtag “#sprobeootd”. Starting September 14 to 23, top three submissions were picked and shared by the SPROBE Facebook page and Instagram account. There also occurred surprise interviews by the Photography club members on SPROBEans to talk about how they dress for work which was then showcased during the People’s Hour and also shared in the SPROBE Facebook page. For the “#sprobeootd”, the overall top three OOTDs were awarded to, Katherine Cutar in 3rd place, Annie Gabisan in 2nd place, and Gelai Salazar for the 1st place.

During the September’s People’s Hour, it was opened by the COO, Jay Pegarido, with his address to the SPROBE members about the SPROBEan identity. He highlighted that each member is an integral part of the identity of SPROBE.

CEO, Reijiro Murata, also discussed important aspects in the company direction of SPROBE. It was indeed very inspirational for everyone as Murata-san imparted his message that each member is part of every step towards the company direction.

Another activity during the People’s Hour is the “Dress a SPROBEan”. Prior to the event, all members were divided into 6 groups to represent the SPROBE Core Values of Self-Discipline, Professionalism, Respect, Openness, Balance, and Excellence. Yuta Nagao represented Self-Discipline, Christian Boyboy for Professionalism, Louis Lingatong for Respect, Jeffrey Javier for Openness, Marc Riddick Verano for Balance, and Adam Benitez for Excellence. The candidates showcased their outfit which expresses the Core Value they embody, planned out by each member of their respective groups. They also participated in a Question and Answer portion where they were asked tricky questions to showcase their wit and wisdom. After a serenade from the Music Club, the judges submitted their decision and the winners were declared. Yuta Nagao was awarded 3rd place, Christian Boyboy for 2nd place, and Adam Benitez was celebrated as the 1st place winner.

It was indeed a fun day at SPROBE with a photo booth donned with a red carpet and “polaroid” pictures hanged on the wall at the lounge. The People’s Hour will never be complete without the recognition in which Maricel Eri was identified by Logen Paradero as the best performer for his team. September birthday celebrants were all over the moon as the rest of the SPROBE members sang them a happy birthday. The celebrants for September were MJ Fernandez, Lunamae Conde, Jonalyn Povadora, Leah Marañan, Brad Canonigo, Annie Gabisan, Bawit Quisido, and Nathaniel Oracion.

The event was closed with a dinner to celebrate a month’s hardwork of the SPROBEans and the identity which they have always upheld, a reason indeed to celebrate.

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