Sprobe Reminisces School Days – June 2015 People’s Hour


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The theme of the People’s Hour for June was “Back to School”. The office was donned with decors akin to a school and classroom setting. A customized logo, labeled Sprobe University, welcomed the employees at the main door of the operations area. Streamers were put up emblazoned with the SPROBE core values of Self-Discipline, Professionalism, Respect, Openness, Balance, and Excellence. The Health and Wellness Club, the host for June People’s Hour, definitely did a good job with the design to make everyone in the office feel that they were really back to school.

People’s Hour is Sprobe Inc.’s Employee Engagement activity that happens every last Friday of the month. It includes fun and games, recognition, celebration of birthday celebrants, and food for everyone in appreciation of the month’s task completion.

The June People’s Hour was fun-filled with activities. For the game, random trivia questions were asked and people were to line up on the correct choice. Like the once-famous “Pera o Bayong”, the winner in the trivia round would be asked to choose among brown bags that contains the jackpot price. Archie Lopernes came out as victor and won the jackpot price.

Aside from fun activities, Cathy Sarile and Louie Lacson shared some insights on time management. They imparted advice on how to properly allocate time on specific activities for greater productivity and efficiency at work. Everyone gladly applauded the speakers and kept in mind what they have learned from the talk.

The smiles on the faces of June birthday celebrants, Maricris Lao, Shayne Gerodias, and Archie Lopernes, reached their ears as everyone sang a happy birthday song for them until they blew their candles. Everyone in Sprobe is very appreciative of the members who have grown older and wiser for the past month.

The June People’s Hour culminated with a feast which truly sufficed everyone after a long day of work. Indeed it was a great way to end the month with People’s Hour.

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