Sprobe Media Festival 2015


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During the Christmas Party, the first ever Sprobe Media Festival. There were three (3) categories that each group could join in: Short Film, Promotional Video, and Music Video competition and two (2) groups would be participating in each category.

Here are the videos for each of the categories and and the awards for each video.

Music Video 1:
Best Cinematography


Music Video 2:
Best Music Video


Promotional Video 1:
Best Promotional Video


Promotional Video 2:


Short Film 1:
Best Visual Effects
Best Short Film


Short Film 2:


Here are the winner for the inidivual awards

Jeffrey Javier for Best Actor

Bawit Quisido for Best Actress

Katherine Cutar for Best Director

Short Film - 1st Place

Congratulations to the all the winners. Great job by everyone in creating such creative videos.

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