Sprobe Christmas 2015 – Embracing the Family Spirit


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Surely, each Sprobean was excited for the annual Sprobe Christmas Party. It was organized by the Health and Fitness Club and Sports Club. They came up with the theme “Sprobe Christmas – Embracing the Family Spirit” to highlight the Sprobe Family’s growth over the years. The dress code was voted upon by the members and decided that everyone will be in their red carpet attire during the Sprobe Christmas Party to be held at Sarrosa International Hotel.

Months before the event, members were grouped into six (6), in line with the major activity that will happen during the Christmas Party, the first ever Sprobe Media Festival. It was to encourage camaraderie, bring out creativity, and promote ingenuity that this activity was conceived. There were three (3) categories that each group could join in: Short Film, Promotional Video, and Music Video competition and two (2) groups would be participating in each category.

Over the next few weeks after the announcement of the competition, each group were busy planning out and shooting their videos. Indeed, each Sprobean put their best foot forward in anything they are tasked to do.

In the spirit of Christmas, the organizers also made a Manito-Manita activity, to encourage sharing and loving among the Sprobeans. Before the event, wish lists were hung by the Christmas tree to aid the manitos and manitas in deciding the best gifts they could give.

On the night of the party, Sprobeans sported cocktail and long gowns, suit and ties, and red carpet outfits. It was truly the most beautiful day for Sprobe.

The activity was opened through a speech from Reijiro Murata, Sprobe Inc.’s CEO. Because of their gentle demeanor and bedazzling looks, Gino Obiso and Maricris Lao were awarded Mr. and Ms. Headturner. All members also voted for their King and Queen of the night who indeed looked like true royalties, Nathaniel Oracion and Delaia Secuya.

The event was even more exciting with the raffle prizes being given away to ensure that everyone has something to bring when they go home. Prizes included security wallets, mason jars, earphones, flash drives, power banks, and headphones. Special raffle prizes were also given out including a one-night stay for two at Radisson Blu hotel.

The widest smiles were seen on each Sprobean’s faces when they received their gifts from their manitos and manitas, an evidence of the true meaning of sharing.

When it was time for showing off what each group has created for the Sprobe Media Festival, everyone was bracing themselves for each entry. For the Music Video competition, Christian Boyboy’s and Karole Graciosa’s groups participated. Maricel Eri’s and Wenzel Tubalde’s groups participated in the Promotional Video competition. While in the Short Film competition, Katherine Cutar’s and Nathaniel Oracion’s groups. Overall, all entries were very entertaining as Sprobeans cheered, laughed, and enjoyed.

After presenting all of the entries, the awarding proceeded. Best Cinematography was awarded to Music Video Entry 1 directed by Christian Boyboy while Best Visual Effects goes to Short Film Entry 1 directed by Katherine Cutar. Individual awards were given to Jeffrey Javier and Bawit Quisido for Best Actor and Best Actress, respectively. Katherine Cutar was awarded Best Director. For the major awards, Best Music Video went to Karole Graciosa’s group, Best Promotional Video was bagged by Maricel Eri’s group, and Best Short Film was awarded to Katherine Cutar’s group. The first ever Sprobe Media Festival was judged by Olivia Okamoto, Noli Perez, and Shizuka Abe. The judges lauded all entries to be TV-worthy and professionally-made. It indeed brought out true creativity of each Sprobean.

The company also recognized members who have exceeded expectations and delivered excellence in their respective jobs. For her punctuality and dedication, Maria Teresa Canonigo was awarded Self-Discipline and Respect Award. The recipient of the Peer Recognition Award is none other than Diosel Torrefranca. He is recognized due to his support and guidance not only to his members but also to other teams. The Sprobean of the Year Award is given to the member who excel not only in his tasks and duties but also in his character as a Sprobean. This award was given to Nathaniel Oracion for his exemplary performance throughout the year. Chris Niven Meneses, one of the project managers, was awarded Sprobean Manager of the year, for being a motivational leader to his team members. It was undoubtedly inspirational not only to the awardees, but also to all Sprobeans to do their best that next year they too will receive these prestigious awards.

The Sprobe Christmas party was culminated by a message from Jay Pegarido, COO of Sprobe Inc. Everyone was very exhilarated to have attended the Christmas Party. It was another unforgettable day in their lives as Sprobeans. Surely, everyone will be looking forward to the next Sprobe Christmas Party.

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