Sprobe 3rd Anniversary – May People’s Hour


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On June 6, 2015, Sprobe Inc. celebrates the 3rd year anniversary together with May 2015 People’s Hour with the theme:

Refocus. Rebound. Rebuild.

As an organization continues to grow, there is a greater need to refocus our attention to the fundamental business elements and best practices that have been neglected. Did we lose sight of our core values? REFOCUS. An organization should take time to refocus our attention on the more fundamental business elements and habits that hold us through hard times and evaluate those things that made us successful and begin implementing those strategies again especially on reinforcing working relationships. REBOUND. We should have the ability to bounce back from any problems or challenges with a more positive perspective. With positivism, we can REBUILD ourselves in the company and promote strong culture. Only through a strong culture that the people will respond to and driving forward the changes that will allow its employees to serve internal and external clients in the manner they desire and that will highlight the professionalism of the employees and the business itself.

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