Digital Signage

Digital Signage

New Customer Appeal Technique Proposal

Digital Signage is an advertising media that presents videos in a flat-panel screen or a projector, etc. In Digital Signage system of Sprobe/Sprasia, it’s possible to update the display contents in real time through network or schedule multiple broadcast schedules and that helps effective advertisement.

We can provide various solutions, such as outdoor large-sized monitors, indoor small monitors or touch-panel screens. You can use them as an effective advertising media for searching houses with touch panel screens or distributing products commercial video to monitors.

3 Features of Digital Signage of Sprasia

1. Real-time renewal of information update by simple video creation.

Anyone can easily create CM video or promotional video using photo images. Choose updated template that are suitable for the store’s atmosphere and style, just drag and drop images and video. And it is also possible to input comments. Store it in memory device such as USB drive and play it on signage as an original commercial video.

2. Secure operation at Low Running Cost

Digital signage main function mostly address the complete content broadcasting. Usually the cost for 1 video image task is 50,000yen, our company is OK with low monthly cost. Monthly or Per Volume, even it’s daily, it will end up with the same cost, can be implemented by an effective PR. Whether new image or latest information are frequently sent to customer, produce difference on attracting customers.

3. Clear display for Anytime Promotion

Outstanding!Bright display dominate and excites image content to super-high-intensity! Even in outdoors with direct sunlight rays, can still visibly checked the contents. In addition, it’s possible for sound appeal because of built-in speaker. In addition, since full waterproof or dust protection and setup location are not for selection, expect for best effective product.


Outdoor Signage

As digital signage for outdoors, different kind of large sized LED display, waterproof and dust protection are available.


Content attractive to children

Possible to install display in amusement park and children’s clothes counter, etc. that shows animation characters or original content.