Web Promotions / System Development

We develop applications or build web systems according to customer's demand with our knowledge of ASP application development and social network site construction.

Digital Signage

We sell interactive signage or large LED displays that is using dust and waterproof outdoor type signage or touch panel. Moreover, we build original application system of distribution.

Online Video Editing Application

We provide various applications such as online video editing applications which anyone can use via web browsers. effectunes Pro which can edit HD video, or CocoMovie which can create CM easily by selecting photos or texts.

Mobile Video System

Moba DECO Maker is a system that allows easy decoration of photos and videos just by sending an e-mail from your mobile phone. It can also be utilized in mobile campaign for sales promotion and events.

Shop Promotional Package

We provide a new customer management solution to facilitate store visits of customers that builds a social graph based on SNS function.

Media Portal Management

The Cocode portal specializes in information that is specific to the area where it is managed. Media construction of new forms is provided, such as distribution of CM store which employs the knowledge of animation.

Mobile Application

We develop mobile applications in iOS and Android platforms like Shop Promotions to get up to date to the latest perks and discounts in a few clicks on a mobile device.

Online POS

A POS system to manage products, customers, and of sales of multiple stores remotely through the web which also allows Customers to register through their smart phones.

Website Builder

SiteMaker is an application which allows creation, editing, publishing and modifying contents of ``sites`` or ``Touch Contents`` fast and easily on a centralized back-end interface.


Mobile Device Management

We provide services that cater to multitude of mobile gadgets for device management and application provisioning.

Other Services

We aim to provide innovative solutions for various services so all requests are considered positively. For any inquiries, please click the button below.