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It’s the start of the New Year, and the best way to end the first month of the year is through enjoying People’s Hour. The theme for January People’s Hour is “Instilling Discipline and Teamwork”. The organizers, the Adventure Club, aim to reinforce and deepen the bond of each Sprobean through games and activities directed to strengthening the team.

On the day of the event, everyone was encouraged to wear camo outfit. Surely, Sprobeans sported their camo-printed shirts and jackets. They participated in games that aside from fostering solidarity, tested their ability in planning and strategizing.

Aside from the games that everyone enjoyed, recognition were also given to deserving members that surely excelled in their own teams. For the SPJ Teams, Jennilyn Menchavez, Juan Paulo Gabutan, and GD Adrian Lansang, were awarded. Gadi Germon Lorenz Galindo and Louis Lingatong, are recognized to be the best performers for the IAOY Team. For her punctuality, Chennie C. Gotgot was given recognition by the company.

The January celebrants were greeted by the whole Sprobe family. Surely the January People’s Hour made the birthdays of Yuta Nagao, Louis Lingatong, Jennifer Giganto, Angelica Salazar, and Dioscora Sanchez complete as shown in wide smiles on their faces. The event was culminated by Fraulien Co, HR Manager, through a speech leaving some unforgettable message of harmony and unity to each Sprobean.

More pictures of the event can seen in the link below. Check them out!

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