Embracing the Change of Season – July 2015 People’s Hour


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“Fire and Ice: Adapt to Change”, the theme for Sprobe’s July People’s Hour, fits perfectly as the season has changed from sunny to rainy. The Dance Club, hosts for the People’s Hour, highlighted that change does not only apply to the weather but also to work. We must embrace change and always be ready for what it has in store for us.

In connection with the theme, members were divided into two groups, one encouraged to wear red and the other blue, to symbolize fire and ice. The office was also adorned with blue and red decors to match July’s theme.

The event was kicked off with some opening remarks from Willie Lloyd Tandingan, one of the pioneers of Sprobe, as he shared important insights on handling change and the significance of it. Maricel Eri and Lunamae Conde also graced the floor with their talk about Professionalism that everyone surely learned a lot from, which can be a tool for handling change and coping up with it. The July People’s Hour indeed became an avenue for everyone to reflect about change and sharpen their saw.

People’s Hour will never be complete without fun and games. The hosts organized a Pinoy Movie Trivia game wherein scenes from Pinoy Moview were acted out. Jacklyn Suico beat everyone out with her knowledge on Pinoy Movies and brought home the grand prize. To step up the enjoyment of everyone the Dance Club, also known as Choreocode, showcased their talents in dancing.

Hardworking members of the teams were also recognized. Maricris Lao, GD Adrian Lansang, Jennilyn Menchavez, and Jonalyn Povadora, received awards for their significant contribution to their respective teams.

Everyone sang loudly for the birthday celebrants, Chennie Gotgot, AJ Benitez, Louie Lacson, and Wenzel Jay Tubalde, a happy birthday song. It was then followed by a surprise number from the Choreocode where they dimmed the lights and made use of their phone’s flash to illuminate the stage with red and blue lights as Gadi Galindo and Louis Lingatong danced in the tune of “Let it Go”. It sure has been a good way to appease everyone’s appetite in anticipation of the most important part of the People’s Hour.

The activity culminated with a dinner which included Mango Ice Candy for dessert. It was another momentous event for Sprobe. Indeed the People’s Hour is something everyone looks forward to every month.

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