Christmas Prelude – November 2015 People’s Hour


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Christmas has always been early for Filipinos. At the start of the BER-months, September, some have already put up their Christmas trees, hang mistletoes above their doors, and play Christmas carols. The same is true for SPROBEans for the theme of the November People’s Hour is “Christmas Prelude, a warm embrace for the coming yuletide season” organized by the Sports Club.

The fourth week of November has been very hectic for the SPROBEans. Putting up their designs for the Christmas area decoration and practicing for the Caroling contest. Each and every one has been putting all their best efforts for their groups to win.

On the day of the People’s Hour, November 27, 2015, the office has been decorated by various Christmas-inspired themes. The “Filthy Rebels” group have donned their area with Star Wars with a Christmas twist, hanging on Storm Troopers and Darth Vader snowflakes in their ceiling. The “Origamates” group filled their ceilings with various paper art, origami, from dragons to flowers and put up a tree with branches creeping in their area. It surely gave off an enchanted Christmas look to the office. Red and white decors were put up by the “Candyland” group akin to candy canes and lollipops. They also hung handcrafted Christmas balls made from yarn. It surely was a sweet Christmas for the group. The last group called themselves the “The Lost Tones” with their decorations exuding the Filipino Christmas feels. They’ve used recyclable materials in creating their decors. Not only that, it highlighted their area is eco-friendly too. In the awarding, Lost Tones came in fourth, Candyland came in third, Filthy Rebels came in second, and Origamates bagged the first prize.

The organizers brought the famous game from “It’s Showtime” where one of the pair will try to guess the word that the other one is trying to mouth with a headphones with loud music being played. Everyone really enjoyed the game for the pair of players have done their best to mouth and guess the words.

For the Caroling, each group gave their best in singing mash ups of popular Christmas tunes.  The Origamates sang with choreography, Filthy Rebels included Darth Vader in their ensemble while the rest of the groups wore on Storm Trooper Masks singing to Star Wars inspired lyrics sung to a Christmas tune. Candyland and Lost Tones also gave their own Christmas songs mash ups. Lost Tones won fourth place, Filthy Rebels were third, Candyland landed in the second place, and Origamates won the first place.

One of the agenda of People’s Hour is to recognize high performance. Chris Meneses recognized Jennilyn Menchavez for dedication and hard work and Nathaniel Oracion for his leadership in their respective teams. Jenisa Tuñacao and Maricris Lao were recognized by Ricky Fornis for their significant contributions to their teams. Logen Paradero have chosen Jericho Gimoros and Marc Riddick Verano as the top performers of their team.

Of course, the People’s hour won’t be completed without the celebration of the November celebrants. Everyone sang for Jericho Gimoros, Arlene Gucor, Anna Marie Marayan, Cherry Ann Olandag, and Mike Edelson Almonte a happy birthday song. The event was culminated with a dinner shared by everyone. It was indeed a prelude to the Christmas season that will celebrated by all SPROBEans.

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