Celebration of Pinoy Pride – August 2015 People’s Hour


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In the Philippines, the month of August is the “Buwan ng Wika”. The hosts, Life Changing Club, based the theme for Sprobe’s August People’s Hour, “Patronizing Filipino Culture and Heritage”, from this celebration. Everyone was encouraged to wear classic Filipino costumes, like “baro at saya”, “barong”, or “kamisachino”. “Banderitas” were also hanged in the ceiling to give the office a festive look reminiscent of the Philippine Fiesta.

The event was commenced with a video presentation of the different national pride of the Philippines. From the national fruit to the national bird, and other facts about the Philippines as a beautiful nation. It surely strengthened everyone’s national pride.

The Life Changing Club organized a dance number exhibiting traditional Filipino dance that everyone enjoyed. Of course games will never be missed out. One of the games was the “Pukpok Palayok”, local version of the Piñata, wherein a person will be blindfolded and would try to break the Palayok, brown bag in our case for safety purposes considering the venue, using a stick. The participant would only have one chance to swing the stick and break the brown bag. Several members attempted and it was Cathy Sarile who successfully broke the brown bag and out came the candies and sweet treats. Also, the Dance Club, Choreocode, enticed everyone to dance with them the famous Pinoy novelty songs which included Spageti, Pamela Wan, Otso-otso, Totoy Bibo among others.

Annie Gabisan, Mike Edelson Almonte, Yuta Nagao, and Jenisa Tuñacao were among the most appreciated members for the month of August as their managers gave them recognition for their significant contribution to their respective projects. The August celebrants, Gadi Galindo, Christian Boyboy, Monic Cuizon, and Michelle Ybañez, were sung with a happy birthday from everyone that put wide grins across their faces.

As the activity approached its end, everyone was invited into a sumptuous snack consisting of Filipino delicacies like Budbud, Pichi-pichi, and Puto cheese, which everyone was so excited to partake in. In the whole duration of the activity, everyone tried their best to speak in Filipino in celebration of Filipino pride. It is indeed a good way to end the month. People’s Hour will surely be an activity to not miss in
the next month of September.

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