A Spooktacular Hour – October 2015 People’s Hour


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Halloween Camp was the theme for October People’s Hour. The month started with a Scavenger Hunt activity organized by the Music Club in connection with the October People’s Hour. Groups are tasked to obtain various photos to be submitted within the week. The photos asked to be submitted range from freaky doppelgangers, witch-chasing, and running from zombies, to spooky ghosts.

The office was decorated with cobwebs and the photos gathered were hanged from the ceiling. It gave the people the chills and excitement as October 30, day of the People’s Hour, drew near. People were busy planning for their scariest outfit. It was indeed a very much anticipated celebration.

To kick off the event, the participants were gathered in the reception area according to their Scavenger Hunt groups. They wore their blindfolds except for their leaders and were tasked to dodge all obstacles as they find their destination frightening them of what’s looming.

In connection with the Scavenger Hunt, each group chose a representative who would tell the creepiest story about the photos they have obtained. Mike Almonte’s group was awarded winner for the contest for he surely told the scariest story like a pro.

Everyone wore their scariest costumes but 3 women and 3 men were chosen for wearing the most frightening costume. For the women, Monic Cuizon dressed up as Chuckie, Gelai Salazar as a pale as ghost girl, and Ma’am Cryss Bandalan as the sinister White Lady. For the men, Nat Oracion donned a cape and make up as Dracula, Mike Almonte as a ghoulish one-eyed-man, and Chris Meneses as Billy the Puppet from Saw. Girls from the BPO team took the role of judge and chosen Ma’am Cryss Bandalan and Chris Meneses as the scariest of them all.

Awards and recognitions were given by the managers to their members. Maricris Lao and MJ Fernandez were recognized for their hardwork. Jennily Menchavez for her unparalleled effort in her projects. Lea Rudillos and Chalou Canonigo’s tandem was recognized for their perseverance in exploring new technologies. Chalou Canonigo and Jennilyn Menchavez were again recognized for their contribution in the maintenance of an internal project together with Willie Tandingan, Leah Marañan, and Gelai Salazar. Anna Marayan was also recognized for her contributions to her team. The following were also recognized for their perfect attendance for October: Louie Lacson, Jericho Gimoros, Paulo Gabutan, Chalou Canonigo, and Gadi Galindo.

The program was culminated by a celebration of October birthday celebrants and a dinner shared by all. Everyone lauded the Music Club, organizer for the October People’s Hour, for giving the scariest and fun event, indeed another day to commit to memory for each SPROBEan.

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