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One of the most popularized holidays, most especially here in the Philippines, is Valentine’s Day. As early as the last week of January, people are already dropping hints about the holiday mostly on social media. Aside from Christmas season, Valentine’s Day is another celebration that evokes stronger feelings of love, affection, romance, and even bitterness! Some companies or organizations may prefer to just ignore the holiday but one of Sprobe’s core values is to maintain a healthy work and life balance as it is one of the most foolproof ways to boost job performance and satisfaction. What better way to do this than to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the office. So the Multimedia Arts Club, who served as the host for the month’s People’s Hour, prepared something really special for the rest of the Sprobeans this Valentine’s Season as it was matched up with the month’s Chinese New Year celebration!

People’s Hour on the month of February was celebrated on the 23rd since 24 and 25 were holidays and majority were having their leaves on the 26th. Eye-catching decorations at the reception area welcomed us as we entered the office. Plastered on the glass walls were well-designed Chinese zodiacs with really funny fortunes with paper hearts ornamented above them. Opposite to this area is a Tinder app made of Styrofoam and Carolina paper hanged using thin transparent strings where people can take pictures of. There were also hanging red Chinese packets all over the ceiling of the main office.

It is already a tradition here in Sprobe to have hourly activities/games before People’s Hour, starting 2pm. Headed by the hosting club’s president, Nathaniel, the hourly activity was a dare game where names of all the boys and girls in the company (except the higher managers and organizers) were rolled into a paper and were put inside two containers, separating the genders. Another container contained all the dares. Every hour, two pairs of boys and girls should participate. Nathaniel initiated the picking of the first boy participant and the picked boy participant should pick a girl participant as his partner while she is going to pick one dare for them. If the dare is too impossible or too challenging for the pair to accomplish, they only have one chance to pass a dare and pick another one. However, there were only a couple of pairs who passed since the dares were only really simple to follow such as taking a selfie together and post it on Facebook for an hour or hugging each other for five seconds. It was one fun and full of giggling afternoon to initiate the People’s Hour.

The People’s Hour proper formally commenced with Diosel as the host of the program. He gave a really impressive short opening speech. He then addressed Miss Shayne Gerodias, the company HR, who greeted us with her welcome remarks. Fun games followed. The first game was called “Us Against the Ball” where four pairs from each area in the office participated and each of them were given a small ball that should land the ground just by using their backs. The last game was called “Cheek to Cheek” where two groups of eight people in each are to relay a card just by using their cheeks. The group with the most number of rounds their card got relayed, won. Funny moments and facial expressions were captured on cam as each of the group members tried their best not to drop the card while passing it to another. With all the fun and entertainment aside, the program proceeded with the recognition of each project members from their respective managers. Each awardee was given a certificate for keeps. The February birthday celebrants were also called in front to blow their candles after we sang them a birthday song.

After the program everyone was eager for the meal but it wasn’t dinner time just yet! The most awaited and final activity of the program was called “Secret Valentine”, led by one of the host club’s members, Bawit. This activity already started during the week of People’s Hour where each girl or boy has their own secret Valentine and it will be revealed during People’s Hour. Each one of us got our secret Valentine a present. Chocolates, stuffed toys, and other sweet things. That afternoon, we were lined up and faced our secret Valentine. We then exchanged gifts and smiles and giggles. Some of us also received love notes. Real life couples and soon to be couples were intentionally paired though. Everyone giggled and some of us squealed because of kilig! Some even took photos of them. It was priceless. Everyone felt happy and loved, as it is the main purpose of the Valentine’s day-themed celebration.

Finally, dinner was served and by that time, we were not only happy and loved emotionally, but physically as well. Chinese themed food was served such as steamed rice and siomai. We also attacked the cake afterwards! The night ended with everyone’s face smiling…while chewing a mouthful.

Even though the program was just simple, it was nonetheless thoughtful and everyone enjoyed every bit of it. As what everyone says, less is more. It was worth keeping the night light but fun. We are surely going to experience more fun times like this in the upcoming People’s Hour celebrations! With that being said, work and life balance here in Sprobe is certainly one of a kind.

More pictures of the event can be found in our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1074872632555731.1073741862.444538858922448&type=3

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