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Web Promotions / System Development

We develop applications or build web systems according to customer's demand with our knowledge of ASP application development and social network site construction.

Mobile Application

We develop mobile applications in iOS and Android platforms like Shop Promotions to get up to date to the latest perks and discounts in a few clicks on a mobile device.

Digital Signage

We sell interactive signage or large LED displays that is using dust and waterproof outdoor type signage or touch panel. Moreover, we build original application system of distribution.

Online POS

A POS system to manage products, customers, and of sales of multiple stores remotely through the web which also allows Customers to register through their smart phones.

Online Video Editing Application

We provide various applications such as online video editing applications which anyone can use via web browsers. effectunes Pro which can edit HD video, or CocoMovie which can create CM easily by selecting photos or texts.

Shop Promotional Package

We provide a new customer management solution to facilitate store visits of customers that builds a social graph based on SNS function.

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Feb 2016 Peoples Hour (5)
A Chinese Valentine – February 2016 People’s Hour

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One of the most popularized holidays, most especially here in the Philippines, is Valentine’s Day. As early as the last week of January, people are already dropping hints about the holiday mostly on social media. Aside from Christmas season, Valentine’s Day is another celebration that evokes stronger feelings of love, affection, romance, and even bitterness! […]

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More Than A Team – January 2016 People’s Hour

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It’s the start of the New Year, and the best way to end the first month of the year is through enjoying People’s Hour. The theme for January People’s Hour is “Instilling Discipline and Teamwork”. The organizers, the Adventure Club, aim to reinforce and deepen the bond of each Sprobean through games and activities directed […]

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Sprobe Media Festival 2015

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During the Christmas Party, the first ever Sprobe Media Festival. There were three (3) categories that each group could join in: Short Film, Promotional Video, and Music Video competition and two (2) groups would be participating in each category. Here are the videos for each of the categories and and the awards for each video. […]

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Short Film - 1st Place
Sprobe Christmas 2015 – Embracing the Family Spirit

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  Surely, each Sprobean was excited for the annual Sprobe Christmas Party. It was organized by the Health and Fitness Club and Sports Club. They came up with the theme “Sprobe Christmas – Embracing the Family Spirit” to highlight the Sprobe Family’s growth over the years. The dress code was voted upon by the members […]

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